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How Dangerous is The Food I Eat to My Health?

Recent findings from the World Health Organization may sound worrisome, however these findings aren’t exactly new. Previous long-term studies have shown that high fat, low fiber diets can increase the risk of cancer/colon cancer as well. Here are some ways to prevent cancer and other disease and continue to live a healthy life:

1. Add fruits and vegetables to meals and snacks. These are naturally low in calories and can help you maintain a healthy weight. They also add fiber and antioxidants to your diet, which can lower your cancer risk as well. Choose at least five, half-cup servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

2. Limit or avoid foods processed with salt and other additives by reading ingredient labels, or making your own. Look for unprocessed meats like chicken, turkey, or tuna. Newer processed meats saying "minimally processed" and no nitrates/nitrites have less additives as well. This is important at the Deli counter, but throughout the grocery store, too. Many additives, such as salt, are even in fresh meats help meat, as they help the meat to stay fresher longer and tender no matter how long it is cooked. Check the ingredients of all fresh and frozen meats as well.

3. Choose vegetable sources of protein as a main dish for at least one meal a week. This can lower your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease by consuming less saturated fat, and it is better for the environment! Consider joining in Meatless Mondays by replacing meats with nuts, beans, lentils, or whole grains.

4. Exercise most days of the week for 30 minutes a day. Increasing your heart rate will help you take in more oxygen, build muscle, and maintain a healthy weight, which can lower your cancer risk and help you stay physically active.

5. Limit red meat. Think about how often you are eating red meat. If more than once a week, try limiting to once a week. For those who are eating it only once a week, try cutting back to once or twice a month. Lower cooking temperatures, as well as moist heat methods, may help. Consider slow-cooking lean red meats with low sodium diced tomatoes that are rich in vitamin C and lycopene.

6. Quit smoking.

7. Drink alcohol in moderation, which is one drink a day for women or two drinks a day for men.

Are you interested in finding ways to implement these guidelines into your lifestyle? Make an appointment today!

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