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How to Enjoy the Holidays without gaining weight

Holiday parties are here, and as nice as it is to see family and friends, we don’t welcome the extra pounds as easily. Try these tips to avoid weight gain at the holidays:

Limit alcohol. Surprisingly, alcohol is almost as calorie dense as butter or oil. Mixed with other high calorie beverages like cream or egg nog, and you could be drinking 250 calories for each 4 ounce drink. Limit beverages to 1-2 at parties to avoid weight gain.

Look for veggies. Naturally low in calories and fat, filling up on these first can help you avoid overeating cookies or creamy dips that may ruin the progress you have already made. Choose a salad or choose from the vegetable tray as your first course to give you the vitamins and fiber you need. They will also to help fill you up and stay on track.

Look for lean meats. Choose cuts of lean meats, like chicken breast, fillet, turkey or fish when looking for an entree. Choose heart healthy cooking methods like grilled or baked to add flavor without the fat.

Make a plate. If it is a buffet style meal, make a plate. Choose a larger portion of vegetables, then lean meats, and smaller amounts of creamy or high calorie side dishes or cookies. If you are standing at a party, make a plate and avoid standing over foods and eating. Visually it may help you see what you are eating and give you more satiety.

Stay active. Although your routine will likely be thrown off during the holidays, look for ways to add activity and burn calories throughout the day.

Looking for more advice, make an appointment today!

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